Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Jake Short Attends A Base Ball Game July 31, 2012

Stefanie Scott Visit The Hearst Castle July 31, 2012 !

Teala Dunn "Good Time" Music Video Ft. Disney Stars & More !

Chance To Play - August 5, 2012

Join Chance To Play August 5th at USC for an incredible day full of GAMESFAME, and most importantly CHANGE.
FUNDaFIELD and Toy Box of Hope are bringing your favorite celebrities together for a fun-filled soccer game that gives kids the chance of a lifetime; to play in the game too!
It's easy. Raise money for two great causes and win a Chance to Play!

IM5 Performing At Chance To Play August 5, 2012

Nickelodeon Announces Two New Pilots!

Nickelodeon Ordered 2 New Pilots ! Very little is known right now about each show, but Nick as at least announced the premise of each.  ‘The Haunted Hathaways’ features a family who have come to realize that they aren’t the only ones inhabiting their house.  Another family has taken up residence, it’s just that this is a family of ghosts!  Will the two families be able to cope with one another? 

Nick has also signed ‘The Thundermans’ on for a pilot.  With superheroes being all the rage nowadays, we have to wonder if some just want to live a normal life.  For Phoebe Thunderman, that’s all she wants.  But coming from a family of supers, and with 12 super powers under her belt, Phoebe is anything but normal!  Get ready for high-flying action coming soon!

We’re super pumped for these new Nick shows to make their debut alongside current favorites like ‘Victorious’ and ‘How to Rock.’

Austin North Birthday Celebration !

Billy Unger At Austin North Birthday Party !

Bella Thorne "Fan Art Contest" !

Make Sure You Go and Make A profile If You Don't Have One ! http://bellathorneofficial.com/blog

Cody Simpson Is Planning An International Tour To Promote His “Paradise” Album

Here's some awesome news for Cody Simpson’s fans! The artist is planning an international tour to promote his “Paradise” album when it arrives. Here’s what Cody spilled to The Hot Hits:
Well my album’s coming out straight after I get off [the Big Time Rush Big Time Summer] tour, so I think we’re going to travel internationally for a little while. I’m going to Europe for the first time… London, Paris, Germany, Belgium. A lot of fans are always tweeting me like ‘when are you coming to Europe?’ So that’s something that I’m pretty stoked about. I love being able to travel around the world and see so many new places and stuff. I like being a jet setter, it’s kind of fun. I’m probably touring next year, and definitely coming to Australia.

Debby Ryan And Lucy Hale In “Tinker Bell: Secret Of The Wings”

Debby Ryan and Lucy Hale will be in a film for Disney’s “Tinker Bell: Secret Of The Wings.” Debby voices a character named Spike in the movie while Lucy is the voice of the fairy Periwinkle.
The movie is set to arrive on Blu-ray and DVD on October 23, 2012! Here’s a description of the movie from IMDb:
Tinker Bell meets Periwinkle and ventures into the winter woods with her and Tinker Bell’s other friends to find the secret of fairy wings.

Ross Lynch And His Band R5 Go Out To Eat Together On July 30, 2012

R5 spend a ton of time together! Yesterday the group went out to eat together – fun! Here’s what Ross shared along with the photo above:

"Umami burger baby!!! -Ross shoR"

Zendaya Coleman Wants 1 Million Twitter Followers By Her 16th Birthday

Zendaya Coleman turns 16-years-old in a month on September 1, 2012, and she has a special gift she wants from her fans! Zendaya is hoping to get 1 million Twitter followers by her big day!

Lets Get Her To 1 Million I Think It Would Mean The World To her ! 

Miley Cyrus’ “LOL” Is Available On Blu-ray And DVD

Miley Cyrus‘ movie “LOL” is available on Blu-ray and DVD today! The movie only had a limited release, so we’re guessing a lot of Miley’s fans have not seen the movie yet, and they’ll probably be picking it up today! Here’s a description of the release from Amazon:
In a world connected by Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, Miley Cyrus stars as a teen girl navigating through the peer pressures of high school romance and friendship, while dodging her protective mother (Demi Moore), in the fresh coming-of-age comedy LOL.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Shake It Up Cast At A Special Taping Of Shake It Up: Made In Japan July 30. 2012 !

Peyton List Haves Fun At The Santa Monica Pier July 30, 2012 !

Max Schneider Singing The Anthem At the Dodgers Game July 30, 2012 !

Good Luck Max !

Are We There Yet Is Back Premiering September 17!

It won't premiere on TBS anymore they moved it to FOX !

Cymphonique's Sweet 16 Present !

Cymphonique On The Dance Floor At Her Sweet 16 !

Cymphonique & Ryan Ochoa At Cymphonique's Sweet 16 !

Bella Thorne & Tristan At Cymphonique's Sweet 16 !

Cymphonique & The How To Rock Cast ( Sweet 16 )

Madison Pettis At Cymphoniqe's Sweet 16 !

Sunday, July 29, 2012

New Mr. Young "Mr. Pixel" - July 30, 2012

Adam tries to get Derby off of a computer game called Pixel City. 

New Pair Of Kings "Heart and Troll" July 30, 2012

Katherine & Joel See's "Step Up Revolution" July 29, 2012

Ariana Grande At Rehearsals July 29, 2012 !

Zendaya Does A Little Tasting July 29, 2012 !

Becky Gomez Ustreaming August 3, 2012

Time & More Info Coming Soon !

Adam Irigoyen Checks His FanMail July 29, 2012

Stefanie Scott Photo Shoot In Hollywood July 29, 2012

Mall Signing Dates With Cody & Alli Simpson !

Detroit Tuesday 7/31

 Long Island 8/8 w/Finishline

Chicago Satuday 8/4

Boston 8/12 w/Journeys

Great Lake Crossing mall in Auburn Hills, MI Tues 
7/31 9am

Come See Cody & Alli Simpson At Great Lakes Crossing Mall 7/31 !

Come down to see   at 
Finishline  mall in Auburn Hills, MI Tues 
7/31 9am

Bella & Tristan On There Way To Help Save Oceans - July 29, 2012

Demi Lovato Working On Set With A Leopard July 28, 2012 !

"Contest" Coming 2013 !


Ricky Ullman - N/A
Kenton Duty - N/A
Katherine McNamara - Sarah O'Malley

NDTV Exclusive: Girl Vs. Monster Coming This Halloween!


The adventure begins on Halloween as Skylar, a fearless teenager with a powerful singing voice, prepares for the ultimate Halloween bash with her best friends, Henry and Sadie. The plan for Skylar to sing at the party with rock band cutie Ryan Dean is crushed when her parents make her stay home. Then, when she sneaks out of the house, she unknowingly unleashes a monster Deimata who is determined to change the fate of Skylar and her family forever. As Skylar’s world is turned upside down, she learns that her parents have been keeping a big secret that she comes from a long line of monster hunters. Now, it’s up to Skylar and her friends to channel their inner strength and conquer more than just this monster.