Friday, August 31, 2012

Teala Dunn Off To Trevor Jackson Sweet 16 !

Are You digging Teala Style ?

IM5Band & Bella Thorne Performing At "City Walk LA" Tonight !

Come Support Them Tonight At 9 !!!!! Have Fun

Cody Simpson Loves Getting Advice From His Sister Alli Simpson !

Cody loves getting advice from Alli ! Brotherly & Sisterly Love ! Do you think it's girl advice ??? 

Here's what Cody Tweeted: is it weird that I go to my sister 's blog for advice? nah, I gotta be that consumate gentleman! 

Cymphonique On The Cover Of "DOPE" !

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"First Promo" For Disney Channel's "Dog With A Blog" To Premiere October !

It was said the Promo will premiere in October during "Girl Vs. Monster" ! G Herself tweeted it ! We are so excited ! Are you ?

Victoria Justice Pledges Not To Text And Drive With AT&T

Victoria Justice filmed a new PSA with AT&T urging her fans not to text and drive. Watch the PSA below and let us know if YOU take the pledge not to text while driving.
Here’s what was shared along with the video:
Victoria Justice takes the pledge against texting while driving. Watch as she and her fans take the AT&T It Can Wait pledge.
Also, be sure to check out the behind-the-scenes video from the PSA!

Nickelodeon Cancels “How To Rock” After One Season

Oh no! Nickelodeon has canceled Cymphonique Miller and Max Schneider’s show “How To Rock” after just one season! There are still more season 1 episodes set to air, but no additional episodes will be filmed. Here are all of the details we know so far from showrunner and executive producer David Israel’s blog:
“Hey, HTR Fans.
David Israel here. How to Rock’s showrunner and Executive Producer.
There have been rumors swirling around about the future of How To Rock so I thought it time to set the record straight. Nickelodeon has decided, unfortunately, not to give How To Rock a second season. I know this news will be very disappointing for many of you. Believe me, it’s disappointing for me, too.
Why isn’t the show coming back? There’s no one simple answer. Nickelodeon is going through a transition right now. You already know that iCarly and Victorious are not coming back. Nickelodeon has many new shows in production and development that they believe will better suit their audience. While I don’t love their decision, I have no choice other than to accept it. The Nickelodeon executives who’ve worked on the development and production of How to Rock have been incredibly supportive of the show this past year. They’re good people who want nothing more than to make the best shows for their audience. I know it wasn’t an easy decision for them — they truly do like the show — and I’m grateful for the time and energy they’ve put in to make How To Rock as good as it is. Or was.
There is good news. We made 26 episodes. You’ve only seen 17 of them. Meaning — quick, do the math — there are NINE new episodes still to come and Nick will be showing all of them. Seasons of British shows are often 6 episodes. So if you think British right now, you still have a season and half of new How To Rocks. Smashing.
The next episode that will air is ‘How To Rock a Singing Telegram’ on September 22nd. In it, Gravity 5 raises money for the school by performing singing telegrams in several different musical styles (including one like Big Time Rush, which is awesome). At the heart of the episode is a touching story about friendship. I know you’ll all like it. On September 29th, you’ll see ‘How To Rock a Yearbook’ where Gravity 5 tries to get their own yearbook page, just like the Perfs have. The Perfs, of course, are two steps ahead. You’ll also learn why Zander is so secretive about last year’s yearbook from his old school — and why Stevie and Kevin will stop at nothing to uncover the secret.
There are 3 new episodes in October, including ‘How To Rock a High School Sensation’ with special guest star Romeo Miller and ‘How To Rock a Camping Trip’ in which you’ll be shocked which of the gang takes charge after Zander eats some bad berries. The acoustic campfire version of ‘Only You Can Be You’ will melt you.
Our season — and series — will conclude on December 8th with ‘How To Rock Christmas.’ Tremendous episode. Festive, funny, touching… and Kevin and Nelson are dresses as elves.
My biggest regret about How To Rock not getting a 2nd season is that I won’t be going to work everyday with the truly remarkable people who made the show happen. You know the cast and they are all incredibly talented and gracious people. Cymphonique, Samantha, Halston, Lulu, Max, Chris, Noah, Kirk, Jacob and our many guest stars brought the show to life by truly committing themselves to their characters. (Though I’m not sure Chris and Noah were ever really acting — they are that ridiculous.) I will miss our run-throughs and rehearsals and their pre-show rituals that I was fairly close to figuring out. (‘Bunny bunny bunny bunny…’) All of them will continue to shine on screens and stages for years to come and I hope they look back at their How To Rock days with pride.
Behind the cast were a team of writers, producers, directors, production staff and a tireless, phenomenal crew who poured their collective hearts and souls into the show to make sure it looked good, sounded good and felt like a show worthy of being on Nickelodeon or any other channel. We never settled for average, always strived for excellence, and I think we hit far more home runs than we struck out. (Sam and Halston, that is a baseball reference. Can explain it to u more privately.)
Thank you, cast and crew, for your hard work and passion. This past year has been the best professional experience of my life. I hope it was as fun and rewarding for you as it was for me.
And then there are you fans. Wow are you people devoted. Especially you Shippers. As this was my first Nickelodeon show, I have never experienced fandom like I’ve seen on How To Rock. I’ve been overwhelmed (and slightly terrified) by your passion for the show and detailed observations of moments that occurred in various episodes. I am truly sorry that the How To Rock storylines won’t be continuing for multiple seasons because I know you would have been following — and complaining — every step of the way. You have no idea how gratifying it is — Chris and Noah, now would be a good time to google ‘gratifying’ — to have the characters you helped create and develop strike such a chord with so many people. I’ve loved reading your comments about the show on Twitter (even those from the fearsome Zevie Nation) and look forward to seeing what you have to say about the final nine episodes. (Except those from the fearsome Zevie Nation).
I did read some comments about Nickelodeon after the Victorious news came out. I know how difficult it can be when some of your favorite shows go away. And I get the frustration. Try to keep in mind that the people at Nick really are trying to serve their audience the best they possibly can. Be open to the new shows that will be coming on in the next several months. They may surprise you.
Thank you, How To Rock Family, for going on this journey with me. I have loved every minute of it (almost) and could not be more proud of this season. Rather than focusing on what we didn’t get to do, let’s focus on all we’ve done. Life’s too short to worry, don’t you know it’s true. Only you can be you, only I can be me.
Rock On.
Are you upset that “How To Rock” has been canceled?

Cymphonique Miller Helps Out At The Let The Kids Grow Foundation Event And Receives A Key To The City Of Memphis

Wow! Cymphonique Miller is having an awesome week despite her show “How To Rock” not being renewed for a second season! Cymphonique helped out at the Let The Kids Grow Foundation event where she got to visit a school for a day and help teach the kids! Cymphonique also received a key to the city of Memphis, and she is honored to be given something so special at just 16-years-old!
At the #LetTheKidsGrowFoundation event #schoolteacher ;) So honored to receive the key to the city of Memphis, blessed to be doing this at 16. #nevertooyoungtomakeadifference ❤
Congratulations Cymphonique!
We have our fingers crossed that Cymphonique signs on for another TV show! She's now working on a New movie can't wait to see it, and we hope that she releases an album in the near future! We’ll keep you posted!

Ashley Argota Records A Song In The Studio August 28, 2012

Ashley Argota has been working on perfecting a number of covers recently, and it looks like she decided to record one of them! Along with sharing the photo above from the studio, Ashley also revealed to her fans that she was having an amazing day yesterday, and that good things were happening. We can’t wait to find out what Ashley was up to yesterday!
If you could hear Ashley record a cover of any song, which would it be? We also hope that Ashley films a music video for one of her covers in the future, just like Nickelodeon’s Ariana Grande does! AND, we still have our fingers crossed for Ashley to release an album!

Ashley Argota And Tiffany Espensen Attend A Screening Of “Hotel Transylvania” On August 29, 2012

“Hotel Transylvania” may not arrive in theaters until September 28, 2012, but Nickelodeon stars Ashley Argota and Tiffany Espensen were lucky enough to see a screening of the animated movie last night! The screening was held by the Lollipop Theater, and the stars who came out all had a great time with the “Hotel Transylvania” characters in attendance!
Here’s a description of the movie from IMDb:
Dracula, who operates a high-end resort away from the human world, goes into overprotective mode when a boy discovers the resort and falls for the count’s teen-aged daughter.
Are you excited for this movie? Check out the trailer below!

Justin Bieber Will Perform On The Finale Of “America’s Got Talent” And “Dancing With The Stars”

Yeay! Justin Bieber’s manager just announced two shows that we can expect to see Justin perform on this season – “America’s Got Talent” and “Dancing With The Stars”! Here’s what Scooter shared:
@JustinBieber is working hard for #BELIEVEtour and will be on the finale of America’s Got Talent and Dancing With the Stars performing.
Exciting! Will you be tuning in for either of Justin’s performances? AND do you have tickets to Justin’s Believe tour?
Justin will also be on an episode of “The X Factor” this season!

Miranda Cosgrove Is Ready For Her Concert At The Atlantis Resort In The Bahamas August 31, 2012

It’s official – Miranda Cosgrove is ready for her concert at the Atlantis Resort in the Bahamas today! Miranda is sporting a fun Bahama’s t-shirt, and she shared the photo above with her fans along with posting:
It’s better in the Bahamas ;)
Are any of YOU lucky enough to be spending Labor Day weekend in the Bahamas with Miranda? If so, which songs do you hope Miranda performs at her concert?
P.S. It’s great to know that Miranda still plans on singing while she’s in college! We hope she puts out an album over winter break or next summer.

One Direction “Take Me Home” Album Cover

The guys from One Direction have revealed the album cover for their second studio album titled “Take Me Home.” The album is set to arrive this November. Do you love the album cover? Take the poll below to share your thoughts!

The first single off of “Take Me Home” will be “Live While We’re Young.” The single will be available for download on October 1, 2012.
We know that the guys worked with a number of artists for their new album, but we don’t know who for sure. Do you have any guesses?

Kendall Jenner Will Guest Star On “Hawaii Five-0″

Kendall Jenner will guest star in an upcoming episode of the CBS show “Hawaii Five-0.” The episode that Kendall appears in is slated to air in October. Here’s what Kendall told her fans about her role on the show, which is her acting debut:
I am SO excited to reveal to you all that I am going to be making my acting debut on Hawaii Five-O!! This is such an incredible opportunity for me and I’m excited for this new experience!!!
No word yet on the character Kendall will play for the show, but we’ll keep you posted when we learn more!

Cody Simpson And His Friends Go Surfing In St. Augustine, Florida On Their Day Off

Cody Simpson had a day off from his busy summer tour schedule and he and his friends decided to go surfing! Lucky for all of Cody’s fans some footage of their beach fun was caught on camera, and you can check it out below! Here’s what was shared along with the video:
Cody Simpson, Josh Winnington, Brad Simpson, Tom Simpson and Jeffrey Traynor hit the beach in St Augustine Florida for a day off.

We’re so excited because Cody announced that he has seen his final “Paradise” album cover, which means his fans will get to see it soon! Then, the album will release on October 2, 2012!

Adam Hicks Tells His Fans To Ask Disney For A “Lemonade Mouth” Sequel

Adam Hicks, who currently stars in Disney XD’s “Pair Of Kings,” wants his fans to know that if they ask enough times Disney might make a “Lemonade Mouth 2” sequel movie! The Disney Channel Original Movie arrived in 2011 and starred the following actors:
Bridgit Mendler
Adam Hicks
Hayley Kiyoko
Naomi Scott
Blake Michael
Nick Roux
Chris Brochu
Shishir Kurup
Tisha Campbell-Martin
Christopher McDonald
Bob Jesser
Aimee Dale
Ariana Smythe
Caitlin Ribbans
Elise Eberle
Here’s Adam’s message to his fans:
Anybody out there who wants LM 2, write to Disney – they may listen if there is enough of you…Have to go now but I need to thank all of you for your great support for both myself and Lemonade Mouth… Peace.
Do YOU hope there is a “Lemonade Mouth” sequel movie?

Miley Cyrus Photo Shoot With Tish Cyrus August 30, 2012

Aww, Miley Cyrus had a photo shoot on August 30, 2012 and her mom Tish Cyrus was there with her! Miley shared the adorable photo above, and we are loving her style! Take the poll below to let us know what YOU think of Miley’s look.

Miley has been spending her time in California, New York and Philadelphia lately. Have you spotted her recently? We have our fingers crossed that Miley will have a cameo in her fiance Liam Hemsworth’s movie “Paranoia” since she has been spending so much time on the set watching Liam act!

Bella Thorne Gets A Puppy Named Kingston From Her Boyfriend Tristan Klier

Bella Thorne just got the best gift ever – a puppy named Kingston! The new pup was a gift from Bella’s boyfriend Tristan Klier, aww! Bella is a big animal lover, and we’re sure Kingston will have fun with Bella’s other pets!
We wonder if Bella and Tristan will be the next Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth? We can picture them getting engaged and having a ton of pets at home! Can YOU?

We can’t wait to see more pictures of Kingston!

Debby Ryan On The Cover Of Total Girl Magazine

Debby Ryan graces the September 2012 cover of Australia’s Total Girl magazine! Take the poll below to let us know what you think of Debby’s magazine cover style.

Be sure to let us know if you pick up a copy of the magazine!
Also, have you seen Debby’s new web series RyanStyle? The first episode is all about back to school fashion and it’s titled “Fashionscool“! We can’t wait for the next episode of RyanStyle to arrive!

Selena Gomez Wraps Filming “Feed The Dog”

Selena Gomez is finished filming for her movie “Feed The Dog.” Here’s what her co-star Nat Wolff shared with his fans on August 30, 2012:
Had an amazing shoot Selena wrapped last night. She’s amazing in this movie. Lachlan [Buchanan] and I wrap today. We’re pretty amazing too.
Feed The Dog” is slated to arrive in theaters in 2013! We can’t believe how many movies Selena has filmed this year. We wonder if she has any more on her schedule?
Get ready for Selena’s animated movie “Hotel Transylvania” to arrive in theaters on September 28, 2012!

Sunday, August 26, 2012

Disney Pixar’s “Monsters, Inc” 3D Movie Poster

Disney Pixar is releasing “Monsters, Inc” to theaters in 3D on December 19, 2012! Above is a movie posterthat was released to promote the re-release of the animated movie to theaters.
Then, on June 21, 2013 Disney Pixar will release the prequel “Monsters” movie “Monsters University” totheaters!
Also heading to theaters in 3D is Disney Pixar’s “Finding Nemo“! Get ready to watch the animated movie in 3D on September 14, 2012!

Saturday, August 25, 2012

Keke Palmer "Dance Alone" Now On ITUNES !

Teala Dunn "Studio Day" August 25, 2012 !

Do you think Teala Is working on New Music or Voicing a Animating Character ???? In my opinion i would love to hear some Teala Dunn Music On My IPhone !

Request #EverythingAboutU By : IM5 On "Radio Disney" !

Please request  on  (877) 870-5678 or online

"Voting" Will Be Over Next Month So Make Sure You Vote For Adam & Bella #ALMAAward

Remember : Voting Ends September !

Nat Wolff Shares Photos Of Himself, Selena Gomez And Their “Feed The Dog” Co-Stars

Actor Nat Wolff shared these photos from the set of his new movie “Feed The Dog,” in which he stars alongside Disney’s Selena Gomez. Here’s what Nat posted along with the picture above:
Classic picture from set of feed the dog. Nate Hartley, @selenagomez @lachlanbuchanan and I on the first day.
And here’s what Nat posted along with the photo below:
Another photo this one is very butch Cassidy and the sundance kid sepia tone. extremely stylish.
We can’t wait to learn more about “Feed The Dog”!

Rachel Crow, Carly Rae Jepsen, Mindless Behavior And More Performing At Arthur Ashe Kids Day August 25, 2012

Rachel Crow, Carly Rae Jepsen and Mindless Behavior are just a few of the big name celebrities that will be attending the 2012 Arthur Ashe Kids Day on August 25, 2012. The event will take place at the Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in New York. Are you planning on attending the event?
Here is the schedule of events for the day:
9:30 am
Grounds Festival opens at USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center
9:30 am – 12:30 pm
Interactive Games and Family Activities – Free for all!
9:30 am – 4 pm
Watch the Pros Practice (Louis Armstrong Stadium, Grandstand and Court 17)
10:00 am – 12:30 pm
Hess Express Stage
12:00 pm
Gates Open to Arthur Ashe Stadium
1:00 pm
Stadium Show Begins – Great seats for $10 & $20 (sold out!)
3:00 pm
Stadium Show Concludes
Here’s what Rachel Crow Tweeted about the event:
Excited to share the stage with @carlyraejepsen @thewantedmusic @JordinSparks & @MindlessBhavior to name a few this Saturday at @AAKidsDay.
Let us know if you’ll be there!

Miranda Cosgrove Will Perform At The Atlantis Resort On August 31, 2012

Miranda Cosgrove might have just started college at USC, but that isn’t going to stop her from putting on concerts for her fans! Miranda will perform at the Atlantis Resort over Labor Day Weekend this year!
Miranda’s concert will take place on August 31, 2012 at 8:30pm inside the Grand Ballroom on the Atlantis LIVE stage at the Bahamas resort.
Let us know if you book tickets to stay at the resort to see Miranda perform and to participate in the many fun activities going on for Labor Day!

Noah Munck Updates His Fans From The Set Of “Nicky Deuce” August 24, 2012

Noah Munck sent out an update to his fans from the set of his Nickelodeon movie “Nicky Deuce” on August 24, 2012. Here’s what Noah told his fans about shooting the movie:
Shooting some really great scenes today, you guys are gonna love this! Hows your Friday going? Just shoot the most epic scene with Steve Schirripa, havin a blast filming, ‘Nicky Deuce’.
Ah! We can’t wait to see the movie!
“Nicky Deuce” will arrive in 2013 and stars the following actors:
Noah Munck
Steve Schirripa
Michael Imperioli
Vincent Curatola
Tony Sirico
Rita Moreno
Cristine Prosperi
Cassius Crieghtney
And More!
Here’s a description of the movie from Nickelodeon:
Munck, who also headlines the Nick pilot Gibby, stars in Nicky Deuce as Nicholas Borelli II, a nerdy, over-protected teen who transforms into the title character. Nicholas gets caught in the adventure of a lifetime when his plans to attend math camp go awry and he is sent to spend the summer with an uncle (played by Schirripa) he never knew he had in Brooklyn, NY. A fish out of water at first, Nicholas leans on local kids to help him fit in and winds up mistakenly earning a reputation as a tough guy. When confronted with some questionable dealings, Nicky uncovers family secrets and learns that the mean streets of Brooklyn aren’t always what they seem.
Are YOU excited for Noah’s upcoming Nickelodeon movie?

One Direction Finishes Filming The Music Video For “Live While We’re Young”

After two days of shooting, One Direction has wrapped filming on their “Live While We’re Young” music video. Here’s what Harry Styles Tweeted when the music video shoot was over:
Day two finished, and that’s the video for ‘Live While We’re Young’ done. Amazing crew, amazing people involved. Thanks again .x
No word yet when the music video will arrive, but we know that the song will be available for download on October 1, 2012! “Live While We’re Young” is the first single off of the guys’ upcoming second studio album, set to release in November! The title of the album has not been announced yet. Do you have any guesses what it will be?