Monday, August 13, 2012

Ashley Argota Shares Her Take On Singers & More !

Ashley Argota shared her thoughts on talented singers vs. artists who have to be auto tuned on Twitter and she had some haters sending her messages afterward. Take a look at her comments, and let us know what YOU think!
I dont understand why ppl call themselves singers if they cant actually sing. You’re a singer. You should be able to ‘sing’– w/o auto tune. Singing badly in a studio and having a producer fix your voice to sound good is not talent– that’s cheating. Like Lady Gaga said, if your job description is singer, you should actually be able to SING. Not lipsync. Sorry I never rant on here, but it makes me angry to see ppl get chances who can’t sing, and then see talented ppl never get their shot.

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