Monday, August 13, 2012

Cody Simpson Gets Pranked By His Crew August 12, 2012

Aww, Cody Simpson’s crew played a super mean trick on him! They pranked him and made him believe that one of his friends had gone missing on a dark trail at night. Cody even posted the video below in an attempt to find his friend. Here’s what was shared along with the video:
“Justin Stirling went missing at approximately 11:25pm, August 12th on the so-called ‘Slaughter Trail’ on the outskirts of Boston, Massachusetts.
He is 19 years old, and a beloved friend and tour mentor to Cody.
He is currently presumed alive as authorities continue the search.
Any information on his whereabouts would be greatly appreciated, please contact:”

Cody then Tweeted:
Got punkd again. @Jstir just knocked on my hotel room door. my crew prankd me good. I’m real sorry if we scared anyone.
Do you think this prank was too mean?

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