Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Joe Jonas Shows Off His Crew On “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep”

Joe Jonas, who turned 23-years-old today, is gearing up for the premiere of his brand new show “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep” on the CW tomorrow, August 16, 2012! Joe shared the photo above with his fans along with the following description:
My amazing crew on #thenext.
During the show Joe will search for undiscovered talent across the country. Then, each time he finds an artist he will move in with them and help them with their daily lives and help them with their music. Then, his talented artist will compete with other artists found by the three other mentors on the show:
- Gloria Estefan
- John Rich
- Nelly
We hope that Joe signs some of his artists to the Jonas Brothers’ personal record label Jonas Enterprises, but no details about that have been released yet.
Do you plan on tuning in for “The Next: Fame Is At Your Doorstep”? If so, is Joe the mentor you are most excited to watch on the show? Or, are you rooting for one of the others? Tell us in the poll below!

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