Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Watch The First 6 Minutes Of Disney Channel’s “Shake It Up: Made In Japan” Special

How cool! The Disney Channel has posted the first 6 minutes of the “Shake It Up: Made In Japan” special online! Click Here to watch!
Here’s a description of the Disney Channel special from IMDb:
A 90-minute song and dance-filled event follows best friends Rocky and CeCe as they travel to Tokyo to star in an interactive dance video game. While there, Rocky plans to explore Japan, but CeCe wants to seize the chance to become global dance superstars, their longtime dream. Meanwhile, there’s a Mission Impossible-style race against time to save the world from The Rocky and Cece computer virus.
Will you be tuning in when the “Shake It Up: Made In Japan” special premieres on the Disney Channel on August 17, 2012?
Don’t forget about the contest “Shake It Up” stars Bella Thorne and Zendaya Coleman are holding where you can win dinner with them!

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