Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Will There Be A “Victorious” Movie On Nickelodeon

Nickelodeon just canceled one of its biggest shows – “Victorious“! There is a third season of the show on the way, but it has already been filmed so fans shouldn’t expect the season finale to wrap up the show as a whole. For this reason, we’re wondering if Nickelodeon is planning a “Victorious” movie, or even a TV special?
By filming a movie or special, Nickelodeon would cut the production costs of filming an entire fourth season, but would still make fans happy (or at least a bit happier) by giving them the “Victorious” closure they are looking for.
Dan Schneider could end the show how he has probably always pictured ending the show, just the way he got to do with “iCarly,” which finished taping this year. Plus, it would bring all of the “Victorious” cast members back together for one last time rather than cutting them off from the show they’ve known for so long without any warning!
let us know if YOU want to see a “Victorious” movie or TV special, or if you are fine with the show ending for good after the third season.

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