Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Dan Schneider Thanks “iCarly” Fans For Their Support

Dan Schneider was editing the final episode of “iCarly” last night, and he got a bit emotional – who can blame him? Here’s a message that Dan Tweeted to “iCarly” fans:
I wish I could explain how much your support for my work, through the years, means to me. You make me a better writer and producer. In editing. My eyes are full of tears. Strange how a little TV show for kids and families can have this effect. Wonderful actors. #iCarly Your incredibly nice comments… thank you so much. It’s hard to keep editing this episode – looking blurry through the tears. #iCarly
How many of you plan on tuning in for the final episode of “iCarly”? We’re so sad that the show will be off the air!

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