Friday, November 16, 2012

David Henrie’s Brother Lorenzo Henrie Will Star In “Warrior Road” Movie

David Henrie’s brother Lorenzo Henrie will star in a new movie called “Warrior Road.” The movie is filming in Charleston, South Carolina and is written and directed by Brad Jayne.
The movie is about three young men who rob a dance hall and then flee up the Carolina coast. Here’s a description of the movie via the press release:
Three young men in the marshlands of South Carolina who rob a backwoods juke joint and flee up the Carolina coast, armed with psychedelics and a souped-up Cutlass. However, for one of the three, the journey is a quest for strength and courage in the face of a painful past.
Actors in the movie include:
Lorenzo Henrie
Kristopher Higgins
Eddie Hassell
Heath Freeman

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