Wednesday, November 14, 2012

"Life Is Weird" Introduction !

"Life Is Weird" is an upcoming youtube show coming soon ! The show follows a 17 year old name Miranda Sanchez who is stuck in a family of 4 ! Her, Her single mom & 2 Little brothers (  Charles Sanchez ) & ( Roger Sanchez ) ! Miranda goes to "Colin High" with her Funky, Smart and Funny Bestfriend  ( Lilly Fion ) Who can also sing ! Miranda is trying hard to balance her life with family, friends, her boyfriend ( Jake Bolton ) & The Mean Girl Across The Street ( Tinsley Dion ) ! Wondering will she survive this weird life ? Tune in to coming soon to see how her Drama filled , Family fights and Mean girl putting up life will unfold !

Miranda Sanchez - Ariana Grande 

Charles Sanchez - James Maslow 

Roger Sanchez - Davis Cleveland !

Jake Bolton - Zayn Mailk 

Lilly Fion - Stefanie Scott 

Tinsley Dion - Bella Thorne

They're not affiliated with this show ! #JustForFun

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