Monday, November 19, 2012

Message To Bella Thorne From @ItsBellarina143 !

Bella Thorne is my Idol. The first time I seen her was on Shake It Up. I love her dancing and how she makes me laugh. She's Strong because i love how she shows a video of how she got bullied since she was kid. She inspired me.. my child life is almost same as her. She's help me be strong and keep a smile from that I choose her to be my idol. I have met her 2 times and that was the best moments in my life. She told me that Demi Lovato is her inspiration.  I support her because I know haters are So happy when she's down! Who like to see their idol down ? Right. She's my everything. Why should you support her? you guys know. she's so amazing (for me). She helps others specially kids who get bullied. Supporting her is best thing ever to do.

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