Monday, November 19, 2012

Message To IM5 From @ItsFazD !

IM5 is amazing boyband consisting of 5 extremely talented guys. Cole( 16), Dalton(16), Dana(14), Gabe(17), and Will(16) are all incredible. They started out in December & up until now they have done so much! They are some of the most hard-working and down-to-earth people I know. Their love for performing really has taken them far and they inspire so many people. Their love for 5ers is also amazing. It's hard to imagine guys their age to be so talented and such sweethearts, but they pull it off. Not to mention their hilarity especially On Ustreams and their random videos. They're never afraid to be their crazy selves. I support them because I know they'll go far. They rehearse so much and they've worked so hard to get where they are. They're only going up. They have blown my mind with their brilliant performances. They not only sing, but dance when they perform. It's crazy! That stuff is hard But once again, IM5 pulls it off so well. They really deserve to have millions of fans. They love and appreciate their fans so much. They've done so much, it's only deserved. They do a ton of charity work and they all love helping out. They love making people smile and they can sing. Who wouldn't love that?!  I know one day, my boys will be huge! Tons of fans that love and support them and I couldn't be prouder to be a 5er.

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  1. I LOVE IM5!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAVORITE BOY BAND!!!!!!!!