Saturday, November 17, 2012

"Teen Beach Movie" Set To Premiere Summer 2013 !

Teen Beach Musical

School’s out, surf’s up and Disney Channel is taking a dip into the teen beach party movie genre with this modern break into song and dance comedy in which surfer girl McKenzie and her boyfriend, Brady, literally go into a classic surf movie musical where it’s bikers versus surfers — and they’re in for trouble if they don’t back down. While they hatch a plan to get back home to present day, the duo try to blend in as everyone around them spontaneously breaks into song and dance. But when they interfere with the plot of the movie, their fate may be changed forever. It is scheduled to premiere in summer 2013 on Disney Channel. (Source: The Disney Channel)


Maia Mitchell

Maia Mitchell - As: McKenzie

Ross Lynch - As: Brady

Jordan Fisher

Jordan Fisher - As: Seacat

Kent Boyd

Kent Boyd - As: Rascal

John Deluca

John Deluca - As: Butchy

Chrissie Fit

Chrissie Fit - As: Chee Chee

Grace Phipps

Grace Phipps - As: Lela

Jessica Lee Keller

Jessica Lee Keller - As: Struts

Garrett Clayton

Garrett Clayton - As: Tanner

Mollee Gray

Mollee Gray - As: Giggles ! Ps: Mollee had screen 

time in High School Musical 

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