Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Disney Channel Highest Views Of 2012 !

DateTimeTotal Viewers (P2+), in millionsProgram and episode(s), if needed
1/6/20128:00PM9.755Wizards of Waverly Place “Who Will Be the Family Wizard?” (P)
6/24/20128:00PM7.477Good Luck Charlie “Special Delivery” (P)
1/6/20129:00PM7.317Jessie “Star Wars” (P)
6/15/20128:00PM5.699Let It Shine (P)
1/6/20127:30PM5.231Wizards of Waverly Place “Wizards vs. Everything” (r)
11/18/20127:00PM5.151Sofia the First: Once Upon A Princess (P)
10/12/20128:00PM4.919Girl vs. Monster (P)
12/7/20128:00PM4.807Austin & Jessie & Ally: All Star New Year (P)
2/11/20127:30PM4.713The Lion King (r)
11/17/20128:00PM4.682Toy Story 3 (r)
1/6/20127:00PM4.559Wizards of Waverly Place “Get Along, Little Zombie” (r)
8/17/20128:00PM4.535Shake It Up “Made In Japan” (P)

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