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Everything About Disney's "Teen Beach Movie" !

Teen Beach Musical is a Disney Channel Original Movie set to premiere in 2013 for the Disney Channel , starring Ross Lynch and Maia Mitchell. The movie was filmed in Puerto Rico. The Story line School’s out, surf’s up and Disney Channel is taking a dip into the teen beach party movie genre with this modern break into song and dance comedy in which surfer girl McKenzie (Maia Mitchell) and her boyfriend, Brady (Ross Lynch), literally go into a classic surf movie musical where it’s bikers versus surfers — and they’re in for trouble if they don’t back down.
While they hatch a plan to get back home to present day, the duo try to blend in as everyone around them spontaneously breaks into song and dance. But when they interfere with the plot of the movie, their fate may be changed forever.

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Release date: Summer 2013 

Directed byJeffrey Hornaday
Produced byRobert F. Phillips
Written byVince Marcello
Mark Landry
Robert Horn

"Teen Beach Movie" was originally suppose to be titled "Teen Beach Musical" But, they didn't want it to sound too similar to the 2006 Hit Disney Channel Original Movie "High School Musical" ! TBMovie wanted to make it it's own thing.

"Leaked Photo Of Maia & Ross On A Surf Board. Possibly Promotion Picture For The 2013 Movie Arrival."

"Maia Confirmed That this is not her or Ross" But it looks like Ross not so much Maia."

"If i was to say something kinda corny i'll say he's the next Corbin Blu. They Look similar but in reality looks have nothing to do with personality. Can't wait to see Jordan Fisher in TBMovie" 

"Teen Beach Movie" rehearsals ! The Leads: Maia & Ross !

This is an Original Photo from the movie. Looks Cool right ! The photo also looks kinda 70's which is the Theme of the Movie. 60's & 70's. 

 "The Cast Taking A Group Photo" 

Ross & Maia At Rehearsals !

Grace Phipps ! She plays Lela :) She's Beautiful !

Grace, Ross, Chrissie & John in Vegas !

Cast Having A Blast ! Party it looks like or maybe a Great day on set !

Kent has been on Shake It Up, So You Think You Can dance and Now he's on TBMovie ! Can't wait to see what goes down !
John Will be playing Butchy In Teen Beach Movie ! John also Starred in "Wizards Of Waverly Place" Before ! The episode was kinda like Teen beach Movie plot. So fun :)

Maia Mitchell Talks Teen Beach Movie !

Teen Beach Musical Textless

Teen Beach Musical Key art

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