Saturday, December 8, 2012

How To Rock Finale Airing Tonight !

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Sad to see that How To Rock has come to an End tonight ! Lets make this the most viewed episode. Make sure you all watch "How to Rock Christmas" ! Get in the Christmas Spirit !

Check Out These Tweets from How To Rock Fans All Over : 

@HowToRock_News : Please Watch The Finale Tonight ! How To Rock wasn't as popular as Victorious & iCarly but it sure was a wonderful show ! Glad i watched :)

@KrystaLee3 :  I'm going to cry tonight when How to Rock is on. Thank you so much for creating this show. <3 Just wish it didn't have to end

@Gigalatta : iCarly was on for 5 years. How To Rock was on for 10 months. Not even fair. I'm sorry if I'm offending iCarly fans but it's true.

@HowToRockSwagg : I don't know what I would do if How To Rock wasn't created.... so thank you 

Awww The #HowToRockers Are so sweet ! We will miss this show ! The singing and more ! It was just awesome ! Goodbye How To Rock ! I will always watch you when it starts to play on Teennick.

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