Friday, December 28, 2012

Is Rachel Crow New Nickelodeon Show Called "Roxie" ?

So remember earlier this year when Rachel Crow announced that she have a Nickelodeon Show coming soon ? Well yes i was on the internet searching for New Upcoming Disney & Nick shows for 2013 and i happen to come across a Nickelodeon Show Titled "Roxie" ! Think about Rachel Look and personality ? The name sure does fit her so that's when i had real thoughts that this was her show. I tweeted it also and tagged her in it. She tweeted me and said :  does it sound like a good show? ! 

She also Followed me so that's when i had a real good 

Feeling that this was the name of her show.

If it's True we can't wait to see Rachel Crow on Nickelodeon 

2013 ! #SoExcited 

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