Thursday, December 27, 2012

NDTV Exclusive Interview : Louisa Burnham



                    Louisa C. Burnham


1. What can you tell us about the upcoming season of House Of Anubis ? I definitely think season 3 is the scariest season so far! And there's lots of romantic scandal too!

2. Who do you have the most chemistry with on set of HOA ?  I couldn't pick I have unique relationships with everyone, I love them all, we're all best friends :)

3. How is it like being a Newbie to HOA ? Do the cast treat you the same or different ? Being the new girl is fun but scary! There's a lot to live up to! Within a week it felt like I'd been there for the whole three years.

4. What was your first day on set of HOA Like ? My first day was a mixture of nerves and excitement. Mainly excitement :) i just wanted to start filming and developing Willow!

5. How did you celebrate This Christmas ? I celebrated this Christmas with my whole family at my dads pub! We ate and played charades and did quizzes :) it was wonderful!

6. What is more your clothing style ? I like to wear bright colours! I like dresses and quirky individual stuff :) and I live in uggs because they are so comfortable!

7. Are you and your Character ( Willow ) anything alike ? How ? Willow & I can be very similar! I think we are both cooky and happy and HYPER! I think we both have an optimistic, positive way of life!

8. What was it like seeing your first promo on Nickelodeon ? When i saw my first promo I was super excited! Mainly for our amazing fans to see what we've been working on! I cant wait to see it all!

9. What can we expect from you this season ? Willow is something house of Anubis has never really had before. She is always in her own little world :) she has lots of great stories!

10. Any special shout outs or things you would like to say to your fans ? I would love to say thank you to all my fans! For all your kind words and support! You guys make it all worth while SERIOUSLY! Love u!!

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