Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Nick Jonas And Demi Lovato Have A Really Strong Bond

Aww Nick Jonas revealed that he and Demi Lovato have a really strong bond! Nick told the press:
There are so many things that have happened over time with Demi and I. I think we have a really strong bond and a really good relationship; we’ve seen a lot of life together at this point. The one thing I definitely remember about Demi is with us being on stage together, we could look at each other from across the stage and know exactly what the other person was thinking. Whether it was a wrong note that was played or someone in the audience that was making us laugh, there was always sort of that bond that goes beyond words. It’s great to see that 7 years into our relationship and friendship that we still have that. Even today, we were looking at each other across the room as the contestant was singing and we knew exactly what each other was thinking.
Nick recently attended a taping of “The X Factor,” hung out with Demi backstage, attended an “X Factor” viewing party after the show AND went out to dinner with Demi! Do you think the duo are more than friends?
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