Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Nickelodeon’s “House Of Anubis” Season 3 Premiere Plot

House Of Anubis Season 3
Nickelodeon’s “House Of Anubis” season 3 will arrive on January 3, 2013 at 8pm with an hour-long episode! Here’s a description of the season:
House of Anubis follows a group of students who uncover and solve hidden mysteries at an English boarding school while dealing with the highs and lows of their teenage years. In season three, the Sibuna gang returns to Anubis House with new leader Eddie (Burkely Duffield) as the Osirian. It’s up to the Sibunas to untangle the mysteries and stop the adults from unleashing an evil so great it will destroy the world and everyone in it. The new season will feature returning favorite characters and also introduce new faces including KT (Alexandra Shipp), a sunny and tenacious American girl who becomes a vital part of the Sibuna gang, and Willow (Louisa Connelly-Burnham), a bright and quirky student from another boarding house.
Below is a description of the season 3 premiere episode:
In the season premiere, Eddie recognizes new girl KT from a vision he had. She’s been sent here on a secret mission by her grandfather with only a key to help her. Eddie manages to get his hands on the key and has a frightening vision when he touches it. A new teacher, Miss Denby, also arrives and is protecting something very special to her….but what is it? Fabian finds Nina’s locket amongst Eddie’s things and Eddie’s forced to come clean about why Nina’s not coming back to Anubis House.
Will you be tuning in for the “House Of Anubis” season 3 premiere?

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