Friday, January 4, 2013

Bella Thorne Gives Fans A Message About Her & Zendaya Relationship !

Bella Tweets:  my relationship to z is one of the most important relationships in my life.

She Also Gave A Sweet Message To Her Fans About Z !

You guys, when u don't see me and z together, it's not because we want it that way but z is busting her butt on her tour and she needs space to do that and we do see each other everyday. The most beautiful and lasting friendships are the ones that can step back and know that u will ALWAYS be there for each other. We always talk and share secrets. She supports me in anything i do just as i do her. We truly love everyone on our show but off camera we are the closest because we are sharing a very special moment in our lives and have grown together. You can't really get any closer. She is my family and always will be. No one can stop that and no one will. She is one of the most beautiful talented and kind people i have ever had the pleasure of knowing and i will always be grateful to Disney for putting her in my life.

Aww Bella Thorne is so sweet ! She is the definition of a good friend. 

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