Thursday, January 31, 2013

Brad Lewis Kavanagh Hints That There Might Not Be A “House Of Anubis” Season 4

House Of Anubis Canceled
Time out! We thought there were a TON of “House Of Anubis” fans out there who were watching the third season of the show, and we were counting on a fourth season being announced soon. However, if you take a look at actor Brad Lewis Kavanagh’s recent Tweets it looks like the show might be over for good.
Brad Tweeted:
So that’s it, left anubis today after finishing season 3, feeling sad it’s over but who knows what could come next?
Then he added:
Life has changed and it’s weird, but I’m feeling oddly optimistic, and that’s thanks to you guys :)
Do you think that there will NOT be a HOA season 4? Or, do you think Brad’s character leaves the show this season?

Via: Nickutopia

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