Saturday, January 19, 2013

Cody Simpson Paradise Series Episode 1 “Cody’s Birthday” Video

Cody Simpson Codys Birthday Web Series Video
Cody Simpson has a new web series called “The Paradise Series.” Below is the first episode, titled “Cody’s Birthday.”
In the video fans will go behind-the-scenes of Cody’s 16th birthday. You’ll get to see how Cody and his friends spent the day – they had a ton of fun!
Here’s what was shared along with the video:
“Cody Simpson celebrates his 16th birthday in San Antonio, TX at Amazing Jump playing dodgeball, bowling and more.
Cody Simpson has a lot going on in 2013. He’s turning 16, releasing a follow up to his debut album, ‘Paradise’, penning his first book, and touring the world with his ‘mate’ Justin Bieber. He’s decided to open up his life and let everyone see what 2013 looks like through the eyes of a young Aussie pop star. Throughout the Paradise 2013 series you’ll meet his team, his fans, his family, and see how Simpson takes it one a day at a time. Cody Simpson: The Paradise Series airs every Tuesday.”
We can’t wait to watch the next video in the series!


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