Friday, January 18, 2013

NDTV Ultimate Worker Contest !

What's up guys ! I am picking 3 Lucky people to help us work for our blog ! The workers will be doing tons of work from time to time ! They will host Trivia Games, Follow Contest and Will be able to help come up with some news which they will be given the credit on that news post. The people that i pick have to have a clean page. That means no arguments, no cursing and no spamming down timelines. I will be picking New workers every Month. That doesn't mean the 3 workers i pick now have to leave though. If they're doing an awesome job i'd love to keep them. if they're not doing any work sorry but i would have to let them go, It's nothing personal. Keeping It Positive :)

There will be a contest for me picking the workers ! Here's The Steps.

Step 1: In order for you to participate you have to gather all your friends and family and tell them to tweet us Example: I want @........ To be a Nick And Disney TV Worker Because.......

Step 2: You would have to tweet us also and tell us why you are qualified and want to work with us but you will have to put #NDTVWorker at the end of your tweet so i'll know if you're running. 

Step 3: Winners will be picked January 25, 2013 ! That is Friday so you guys have lots of time to get your Tweets and Votes in !

Step 4: There will be a poll below so if you're running to work with us just add your Twitter name and You can also get people to vote for you here too !

Good Luck :) 

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