Sunday, March 31, 2013

New Austin & Ally "Freaky Friends & Fan Fiction" Promo 4/7 !

Plot: After Team Austin finds a magical typewriter, it falls into the hands of a thief named Chuck, who uses it to mess with Austin and his friends, such as switching their bodies, making Austin be unable to dance, etc. Will Team Austin be able to stop Chuck before he ruins Austin's career?

New Dog With A Blog "Freaky Fido" Promo 4/7 !

Plot: While Avery is filming a family documentary, the family swap bodies: Stan and Tyler, Chloe and Avery, and Ellen and Bennett. 

New Ant Farm "IdANTity crisis" Sneak Peek 4/5 !

Plot: Chyna discovers that Skidmore put the ANTs personalities in yogurt cups so when she tries to put Chyna's personality in a cup she accidentally swaps bodies with her with her yogurt machine. 

New Jessie "To Be Or Not To Be" Promo 4/5 !

Plot : Things get complicated after Jessie and Zuri switch personalities just when Jessie has her first big acting part. 

Kent Boyd Shows Some Easter Love !

Kent Shared: Easter Love!

Looks like Kent been playing music today ! I wish we could hear him.

New Shake It Up "Switch It Up" Promo 4/7 !

Plot: CeCe and Flynn accidentally switch bodies through an old curse of Tinka’s grandma. When they learn they’re stuck that way for 24 hours, or until they learn a lesson, they realize Flynn will have to dance for CeCe on “Shake It Up Chicago!” and CeCe will have to learn tuba and nail Flynn’s audition for the marching band. Meanwhile, Ty thinks Rocky is trying to kill him since he didn’t put her in that week’s dance.

Happy Easter From Caroline Sunshine !

Caroline shared: Happy Easter every bunnyyyyy. Betcha didn't see that one coming. emoji

Aww look at the Big Bunny ! Caroline looks beautiful ! 

Nickelodeon’s New Movie “Swindle” New Spoilers !

One of NickUTopia readers sent them a note about the upcoming Nickelodeon Channel movie “Swindle.” The movie stars Ariana Grande, Jennette McCurdy, Noah Munck, Ciara Bravo, Noah Crawford and Chris O’Neal. Here’s a description of the movie:
Based off of Gordon Korman’s book ‘Swindle’: This movie is about a boy named Griffin who finds a valuable multi-million dollar baseball card. After accidentally selling the card for a million dollar loss he takes the help of his best friend Ben and his fellow colleagues to regain the baseball card.
Here is the note from our reader, which includes some spoilers:
“Production on Swindle has been completed! I’m not sure if it’s premiering in 2013 or 2014 but I just watched it the other day and it’s a good movie! Not sure if this is known yet, but brief description of the characters [SPOILER ALERT]
Ariana is a popular cheerleader, but is secretly a sci-fi fanatic.
Jennette is a theatre geek.
Ciara is a tech pro and Noah’s little sister.
Noah C is the leader.
Chris is Noah’s best friend.
Noah M is this big tough-guy who can push cars and shoves kids in lockers.” !
OMG i can't wait until the movie comes out ! Big Thanks to NickUTopia for these Spoilers

R5 “I Want You Bad” Lyric Video

R5 I Want You Bad Lyric Video
Check It Out ! Via: DisneyDreaming

Roshon Fegan Is Working Hard In The Studio On Easter !

Shake It Up Star Roshon has been all about his music ! He is in full affect at the studio on easter ! He always went out to eat.

Roshon Shared: Vibin' to the music.. emoji #HappyEaster Y'all! #WorkHard

Nice ! Can't wait to hear new Music And More from Ro !

Madison Pettis Is At DisneyLand March 31, 2013 !

This is what madison is doing for Easter ! She's looking amazing and excited !

Madison Shared: Disneyland brings out the kid in ya !

Well Madison is correct about that one.

IM5 performing at City Walk LA "Infusion Lounge" April 7, 2013 !

IM5 Shared: Did you miss our show last night? Not to worry, we're back at #CityWalkLA#InfusionLounge next Sunday April 7th (3-8pm)

 Info Picture Below: 

Gracie Dzienny Snaps A Photo With A Bunny For Easter !

Gracie Shared: Check out that bunny! That cool cool bunny.

Looks Awesome Gracie ! 

PS: Have you guys been watching Supah Ninjas Season 2 ? What do you guys think ? 

Maia Mitchell Haves Lunch With Friends For Easter !

Lovely "Teen Beach Movie" Star Maia Had lunch with some of her friends ! They all looked amazing!
I knew i spotted the girl next to Maia ! She is from "Alien Surf Girls" Just thought i'll put that out there because i love her in that show.

Maia Shared: Easter brunch with my Australians. @alyciajasmin @marnykennedy@philippacoulthard

Hope these girls had a great Easter !

PS: Get ready for Teen Beach Movie to premiere this July & her New ABC Family Show "The Fosters" ! It will make it's premiere June 3rd on ABC Family !

Check out The promo

Dylan Snyder Tells A Easter Joke While Rocking Bunny Ears !

The Power House Aka Dylan was Looking Very Excited today for Easter ! He took the time out to share a little Easter Joke.

Dylan Shared: Why I'd the Easter Bunny have eggs? Cause he followed the chicken across the road. Why did the chicken cross the road? Cause he was being followed by a rabbit!

Ahaha Very Funny Dylan and BTW Loving the picture ! Black & White with color on the Bunny Ears ! 

PS: Are you ready for the Kickin' it Season 3 Premiere Tomorrow ( April 1, 2013 ) ? 

Ryan Newman Rocks Bunny Ears for Easter !

Ryan Shared: The Easter bunny has arrived :) Happy Easter everybody!!!

Aww Ryan Looks so beautiful ! 

PS: Have you seen her KCA's Dress ! She For Sure was the best dressed ! She looked like Prom haha :)

Austin Mahone Played BBall At The White House On Easter

How cool Austin was at the White House and Played basketball on Obama's Court ! Can i say Presidential Swag ?

Austin Shared: Ballin at the White House on Obama's court! #EasterEggRoll @ATtheWH#LETSMOVE

Hope Austin had a fun Easter !

Ariana Grande Shows Off Her Easter Style !

The beautiful Ariana Grande showed what she was wearing for easter ! She is looking stunning like always!

She Shared: Awkward Easter Face.

She is still beautiful even when she's looking Awkward Am i right ?

Here's a full Look at her Dress

Carlos Pena Goes Out To Eat With His Girlfriend Alexa For Easter !

Big Time Rush star Carlos Pena Hanged out with his Beautiful Girlfriend/ Spy Kids Star "Alexa Vega" !
The two looked stunning ! Carlos looked Spiffy with his Bow Tie.

Carlos Shared: Happy Easter!! Just sang at church! Now to get some BBQ with @vegaalexa:)

He also shared another photo:

I'm thinking the food just got there and he was excited lol.

Madison Pettis Snaps A Photo As A Mouse On Easter !

Madison Pettis rocked Mouse ears today ! I bet you're wondering why well we got it here.

Madison Shared: I'm a mouse, not a bunny... Duh. emojiemoji

Do you guys think Madison would look better in Mouse Ears or Bunny ? Either way i bet she'll look Beautiful. 

"BTR" Challen Cates Hangs Out With Ciara Bravo For Easter !

Big Time Rush Star "Challen" Hanged with her on tv Daughter Ciara Bravo today And her brother Jaxon bravo came right along ! This photo looks awesome ! Looks like these guys were having fun and C & her brother looks like twins!

Challen Shared: Look what the Easter Bunny dragged in! @ciarabravo @jaxonbravo !

Aww Easter Bunny lol Hope they had a great time.

PS: Have you heard about Ciara new movie Swindle with Jennette McCurdy, Ariana Grande & More ?

Rowan Blanchard & Sabrina Carpenter Hangs Out For Easter !

The Two Girls Of "Girl Meets World" Hanged out for Easter ! They met bunnies and looks like they looked for eggs. They had tons of fun i know it.

Rowan shared: Happy Easter!! emojiemojiemojiemoji with @sabrinaannlynn emojiemojiemoji

Hope you guys had fun.

PS: The Girl Meets World Pilot has been filmed ! We're waiting on a "Yes" from Disney Channel ! Hope they pick it up. 

Nickelodeon Latin America Show "Grachi" Is Coming To Nickelodeon US!

Grachi is a Venezuelan Nickelodeon Latin America fantasy television series written by Mariela Romero , Catharina Ledeboer and Mariana Palos that focuses on the life and love experiences of Graciela "Grachi" Alonso, a teenage witch. It premiered in Latin America on May 22011. The series starsIsabella Castillo as Grachi, Andrés Mercado as Daniel and Kimberly Dos Ramos as Matilda; also featuring Mauricio HenaoSol Rodríguez and Lance Dos Ramos in supporting roles.
The series has been dubbed to English by the cast and will premiere in Nickelodeon (USA) in Spring 2013, the season 2 will premiere in Fall 2013, the season 3 will premiere Early 2014 and the season four will premiere in Early 2015.

This show seems like it could be good but i'll have to wait until the premiere.

Coco Jones Bunnified Herself For Easter !

Coco Shared: Getting into the Easter spirit for the #EasterEggRoll Monday at the @WhiteHouse#LetsMove #bunnify

Aww cool ! I would love to see Coco Put on a full Bunny suit and run around the White House lol.

Zendaya Hangs Out With Davis Cleveland March 30, 2013 !

Zendaya shared: I got the best little brother in the worldemojiemoji 

Awww they look like they were having a lot of fun. 

Ps: Did you vote Z & Bella for a RMDA Award Yet ? 

Bella Thorne & Kingston Wishes You A Happy Easter !

"Happy Easter" From Bella Thorne & Kingston! She shared this photo with you guys on her Instagram !

They look so cute. Have a great Easter Bella.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

China Anne Remembers Michael Jackson March 30, 2013!

China Shared: I Miss You MJ Witht his photo:

Aww that wall is so cool ! :) PS; Make sure you follow China on Twitter @RealChinaAnne ! Get her to 1Million followers

Davis Cleveland Is Hanging With Zendaya Today !

Davis shared: Going over to 's House to par-tay in a little while!
Then tomorrow it's Sunday morning Easter service at my church! He is risen!

Aww so cool ! Zendaya is the coolest big sister ( From Another Mister ) !

Torri Webster Look Beautiful As She Gets Ready To Shop !

Life With Boys Star is going shopping today !

Torri Shared: Off to #yorkdale! Shopping days with @mackennand emojiemoji

Awww looks like she's in for a fun Saturday !