Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Liv & Maddie Cast talks Hanging On Set !

Live & Maddie cast is all ready to start filming ! They're really excited ! Even the Producer is ready ! Check out this fun conversation ! 

Andy tweeted:  I was thinking maybe we should, you know, hang out tomorrow, like on set or something! Xo

Joey Replied: Only if there is going to be's in my contract.

Dove Replied: I'll only be there if is not there, & if Joey hand-feeds me slaw.

Andy Tweeted Back: Joey just got in his car and drove to the studio - thankfully he made a mix tape!

Joey tweeted to Andy: It's called a playlist. Old people, am I right!?

OMG I'm loving this cast and producer already ! These guys are so funny ! Can't wait until filming start in April !

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