Wednesday, June 12, 2013

China McClain Explains Why Fake Accounts Are Dangerous !

China McClain has had it with people pretending to be her ! It has gone way to far in her eyes and this post need to be made.

China Shared: So here's the deal guys... A lot of people think since I tag my photos with "emojiChina McClain" I'm a fake account. I tag my photos so fake accounts can't steal them. The REAL fakes that people actually believe can be very dangerous. One time a fake twitter account that was pretending to be me tricked one of my fans into believing that he/she was really me. The fake account said that they wanted to meet the girl. At a hotel. The girl showed up.. but she was smart enough to bring her mom. If she had gone alone, what would have happened to her? That's why I started tagging them with a watermark. So I could at least reduce the fakes a little bit. Just wanted to let you guys know the story behind it. Hope you are having a good dayemoji

That is so crazy ! Why do you even need to fake an account ! ONLY YOU CAN BE YOU !

Sorry China for the Wannabes ! Try to get them Banned !

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  1. You are a smart young lady China. Thank you for this post. I have been dealing with someone pretending to be my young son @XanderTTaylor, (he worked with you on the HEB spot),and it's NO FUN. Warm wishes.Thanks for being a wonderful role model and leader.