Saturday, June 1, 2013

Dylan Sprouse Reveals Why He And Cole Sprouse Left The Disney Channel

Dylan Sprouse revealed during a recent interview why he and his brother Cole Sprouse up and left the Disney Channel, even though they had another show in the works. Dylan revealed that he and Cole had come up with an idea for a show, but Disney didn’t like it. The show was going to be about their characters returning to the Tipton Hotel to live with their mom. There they would meet a younger male character who would move into the hotel with his dad and Dylan and Cole would mentor him.
Here’s what Dylan revealed:
When we had pitched our idea, it was kind of this situation where they had almost laughed in our faces. They’re like, ‘Well, we said no to your idea, let us pitch you our idea that we came up with for the next season…Zack goes to work in Miami with Cody, they go to this hotel, and there’s this kid who has a single dad and you guys raise him up like he’s this prodigy of yours.’ Cole and I turned to each other and we basically laughed in their faces and walked out. And that was the last meeting we had with Disney.

Wow that's crazy !

Via: DisneyDreaming  

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