Friday, June 14, 2013

Has Disney Channel's "Shake It Up" Been Canceled ?

As we all know Good Luck Charlie was just canceled but has been given a final episode so not really canceled but ending.

Many wonders are going around that Shake It Up has been canceled ! There's no final say but it sure looks like it has !

A while ago many fans tweeted that Davis ( Flynn ) from Shake It Up said it might be !

So i had to check for my self. He said what they said plus the show feedback isn't looking so good.

I thought Wow because i see Zendaya with tons of projects on her Music and Bella is booking movie after movie.

Today a fan asked him again he responded: I do not know anything, but the sets, wardrobe, writers, and props are gone...what does that tell you?

Wow Sounds pretty crazy ! Davis actually mentioned he's ready to move on.

Are You Ready to see Shake It Up say goodbye to Disney ?


  1. I hate to see it go but if it is I still support davis and will continue to do soo! Bless you Davis and the SIU cast!

  2. I really hope not! The cast is incredibly talented and they NEED another season! But season 3 hasn't even gone THAT far in so we have a lot of time before a fourth is announced. I think it's ANT Farm Thats going. But I mean really really, Disney can't kick SIU if GLC is already going.