Thursday, June 13, 2013

Introducing The Person Behind "Nick And Disney TV" !

Hi Guys ! I've been thinking Wow i started this Blog one full year ago and no one still knows who i am and what i look like. All people know is that i am a Blogger and i think more should be shared with you guys if i want to succeed and connect with fans.

About Me: My Name is Juwan Dashon Evans ! I like to go by the name of Dashon. I am a 15 Year old African American Boy from Chicago. I Act and i Dance. I think i'm a very funny person and so does my friends. I use to have a sorta thing for singing until i found out i can't sing to save my life lol. I did ustreams with fans and more. Looking back i was thinking how did i even get fans lol. I'm a Leo born August 7th. Leos are the ones who always want to succeed ahah well that's for every sign! I enrolled in a acting class before. I been featured on Bella Thorne site before and i also was in a crew when i was younger. I've been dancing for so long. I picked up the thought of Blogging last year when i felt that i loved Nickelodeon so much because i had a crush on Cymphonique and i hosted a News page for her show. That was really awesome because i worked really hard and in return i got a autograph from her, 2 How To Rock books and etc. The How To Rock producers and writers was so awesome and so was the cast. I loved to live tweet H2R and Victorious. I even did an Interview with the Owners of the Show and it's still up until this day. That's when my Crush show ended and i was really sad on the last episode which was a Christmas episode in December ! I thought  that it was really crazy how Nick shows are ending ! So one day i was sitting at home watching TV and decided to make a Twitter supporting Nick & Disney. At first i just tweeted about the shows and retweeted which was in June ! July I started up my blog and by August i was kinda obsessed ! I did tons of interviews and supported stars all over the world. I've been through a lot with my blog. I was in the making of creating a Web show and it didn't go as plan, i made about 2 episodes. I started a Zendaya Fanfiction and stopped making them. I was trying to be really creative but the only creative thing i could do was what i was doing. I was already creative. I'm not going to lie i wasn't that big of a Disney fan until i started this Blog. I only watched 3 shows on Disney at first when i started which was Good Luck Charlie, Shake It Up & My babysitter's a Vampire ! I now know everything about every star on every channel and it's cool to Blog, Talk to Celebrities and do interviews on people you probably would wish to work with one day. I hit the 25k Range and it seems that i'm getting bigger and bigger. I'm not the normal teenage blogger. I can get out of hand sometimes but that's me. I fanboy a lot over people like Dove Cameron lol you probably see that already. Going in to 2014 my hope is to interview at award shows and to go to tons of events. I will also be trying to do Stream Interviews with stars. I am also in the process of finding New Members to help me. Me and my cousin are currently planning on what we will be doing soon. I'll be driving soon so that mean i'll be able to move around a little bit more and maybe even have giveaways. I'm excited to start this new chapter with you guys. Hope you continue to support my blog and trust me i will never change. Even when i have 100k i'll be there. Thanks :)

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