Friday, June 7, 2013

NDTV Exclusive Interview: Audrey Whitby From Disney's "So Random" & "IMO" !

Here's Our Interview witht he lovely, beautiful and talented Audrey Whitby ! It was fun seeing all her amazing answers. Check below for an Amazing Interview.

1. How far do you and the girls of "IMO" want to take that Web Show ? I can't speak for the other IMO girls but I love being on the show. It's been great because it has forced me explore my thoughts on things that girls are concerned about and hear what other girls think. I look forward to our weekend shoots once a month! How far? Idk. It would be fun to travel with the IMO girls and do live audiences everywhere and meet all the girls who watch and tweet us!
2. Who is your celebrity crush at the moment ? My celebrity crush is no secret- Robert Downy Jr. I love him. So. Much.
3. ( Fan Question By @BTRhpf ) Which show do you like best Victorious, iCarly or Big Time Rush ?  I like all three but iCarly is my favorite. Loved all the characters but when Jane Lynch appeared as Sam's mother- my iCarly love was forever sealed.
4. What is your life dream ? Life dream I would like to do work  that is fulfilling and makes me happy and to be surrounded by friends and family. Professionally, I would like to be on SNL and be a part of a sitcom like How I Met Your Mother one day. 
5. ( Fan Question By @i )  Who's the most inspirational person in your life ? The most inspirational person in my life is my dad. He's so successful, smart, funny, positive and kind. He always does the right thing. I look at him and want to be just like him!
6. ( Fan Question By @CaptainHailee ) What is your favorite Disney Channel & Nickelodeon Show ? My favorite Disney Show that is on now is Good Luck Charlie, I'm going to be sad when it ends. I like Wendell & Vinnie on Nick, Buddy Handleson is a riot! 

7. If you had to pick one Nickelodeon show & Disney show to star on what will it be ? We haven't seen it yet but I imagine Sam & Cat will be a lot of fun with some great parts for comedians, and can I please be an animated character on Gravity Falls?!  
8. Disney Has 2 New shows coming soon "Liv & Maddie" and "Girl Meets World" which one are you excited for ? Liv & Maddy because of my good and extremely funny friend Joey Bragg! Also, as an actor I love the idea of the twins played by Dove- reminds me of The Parent Trap! 
9. ( Fan Question By @KickinItFanatic ) When/How did you realize you wanted to be an actress ? For my 8th birthday all I asked for was a Talent Agent. I knew then that this is all I wanted to do and in all honesty I have never changed. This business is a rollercoaster and no matter how good or bad- Ive never wanted anything else.
10. ( Fan Question By @InspiringBellaT ) Would you ever come to Hong Kong?  I would love to go to Hong Kong! I have a best Twitter friend who lives there and so he's told me about lots of things I'd like to see! So if I get the chance the first thing I'm going to do is surprise John Nicolas by knocking on his door and making him my tour guide! 
11. Where is your dream place to be ? I don't know about "dream place" but my happy place is my Grandma's house in Tennessee. It's in the country filled with cousins and a freezer packed with Popsicles. I love it there.
12. Any guest star roles or lead roles coming soon ? I have a guest star coming up on the new Nickelodeon show THE THUNDERMANS starring Kira Kosarin and Jack Griffo. I play Kira's best friend Cherry. I really love that set and cast!
13. What is some words you could give to the people out there who are having a hard time in life with Bullying, Eating Disorders and etc ? In my family we do a thing when one of us is going through something tough. Someone says "Is this the end of the world?" The answer is always "No!" This helps me put things in perspective, calm down and make a plan on how to make things better. I truly believe all the hard stuff that I experience is going to build me into a stronger better person.
14. ( Fan Question By @SmurfyR5Lover ) What was it like guest starring on Austin & Ally ? When I was on A&A it was one of their first few episodes and I was doing sketch comedy on So Random at the same time. I enjoyed bringing that over-the-top aspect to Tilly aka H8ter Girl. Super nice cast- at one point there was a group jam session to Jesse's Girl started by Raini so yeah, the set has a really fun vibe!
15. Would you ever Guest star on an ABC Family show ? Which One & Why ? Melissa & Joey is great! I have been a fan of Melissa Joan Hart since I saw Drive Me Crazy- I think she is one funny lady.

This was just amazing !

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