Friday, June 7, 2013

NDTV Exclusive Interview: Joey Bragg From Disney's "Liv & Maddie" !

Joey: I am both delighted and honored that you thought of me for this interview. I hope you get all the answers you want and feel free to send me more whenever you have some. I will always have time for you and your awesome blog. 

1. When "Bits & Pieces" was rejected as a show Did you guys have to wait to hear about "Liv & Maddie" ?

- Actually, Liv and Maddie and Bits and Pieces are the same thing. When they called us about Bits and Pieces it wasn't a "Bits and Pieces isn't moving forward" call. It was a "We have been picked up." Call. No matter what show it was it was all the same people involved. Cast and even crew are all the same, with a few exceptions.  Our show evolved, over a long period of time, into what is now Liv and Maddie. 

2. What was your feeling when you found out you was going to be playing "Joey" knowing your name is Joey ?

-When I found out that my name in the show was going to be Joey (the greatest name in the world) I was the happiest little boy in the kingdom. I was even happier when I read the script and realized the character was 

3. How would you explain the show "Liv & Maddie" ?

-With out sounding biased; Liv and Maddie is the greatest show ever made ever. 

4. Opinion on Dove Cameron ?

-Me and Dove have know each other for about a year now and through out that year we have been through the highest of highs and the lowest of lows. Me and Dove are like a real life brother and sister. I love her and I am very excited to be extremely annoyed with her, and vise versa, throughout the next few years.  

5. ( Question From @ Your Former Cast Member ) How on earth did you become so amazingly talented? #askjoey huge fan by the way--can I get a follow ?

-Oh Cozi, I know you always get me and Morgan Freeman mixed up but this is getting ridiculous. 

6. ( Fan Question From @SeanTheTimeLord lol ) Where did you put the Halo 3 disc? You were the last one to play it ?

-It's on the corner of Nunya and's under my bed. 

7. ( Fan Question From @AbraKidJon ) What is it like playing your character on Liv & Maddie?

-Well, It is a joy to play Joey. Mostly because it is...well frankly...playing. Me and my character are one in the same. I cannot think of one attribute that we do not share. He can't talk to girls, neither can I. He loves comic books, SO DO I! He is incredibly strong and know the rest. 

8. Which is your favorite twin on the show Liv Or Maddie ?

-My favorite twin on Liv and Maddie? Ahh, I can't decide. My favorite NOT on Liv and Maddie is easy, Mary Kate Olsen. 

9. ( Fan Question From @Osnapitzkeirst ) What's your favorite song right now?

-My favorite song right now? I hate to sound like a hipster, but, I doubt you would know them. I love this band The Avett Brothers. But my favorite sound (that you might know) is "Flowers in your Hair." By The Lumineers or "Vienna" by Billy Joel. 

10. Is Liv & Maddie anything like Shake It Up knowing some writers from SIU wrote Liv & Maddie ?

-To be honest I am not very familiar with Shake It Up. But, I can tell you that me and Zendaya are pretty much equal in dancing skills. 

11. What will you be doing July 19, 2013 doing the premiere of Liv & Maddie ? Any Premiere Parties ? 

-July 19th is the day before my birthday. (YAY!)  I haven't heard of any premiere parties happening, and it is the weekend of!!!

12. Would you ever go to Paris with Dove ?

-I would love to go to Paris with Dove as long as she promises to buy me a Croissant...

13. What was it like filming Camp Fred ?

- Filming Fred 3 was a great time I will never forget. Camp Fred was my first movie so I didn't really know what to expect going in.  I made a lot of new friends over those 6 weeks we filmed. Many of whom I keep in touch with today. 

14. What is it like on set of Liv & Maddie ? Is it like home yet ?

-The set of Liv and Maddie isn't like my home. It IS my home. Don't tell them I am sleeping there...I will get in trouble. 

15. How would you describe Andy Fickman ? 

-Andy Fickman is the most creative, talented, funny, and cuddly men I have ever met in my entire life, and I have met Santa Claus. 

As You Guys Can see Joey is very funny ! I'm looking forward to seeing him on TV Next Month ! July 19! Liv & Maddie !

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