Thursday, June 13, 2013

Nick & Disney TV Advice Column: Question 1 - School Bullying !

This is our first post of a thing we will be doing called "ND Advice Column" Nick & Disney Fans will be able to send us Questions about anything and everyday we will answer one question in a Blog post. There's a Twist thought i will also give some fans the right to answer the same question with me.

Question 1 From @14 - What would you do if a group of high school kids were bullying you and can't do nothing about it?

NDTV Dashon: My best advice for you is to just ignore them. Show them that you can make it without having them as a friend. Stay far away from them. If it gets really dangerous tell a guardian or teacher. If that doesn't work try your best to stand up for your self mentally not physically !

@JustSimplySarah: If high school kids were bullying me and I couldn't do anything about it then I'd just ignore it to be honest, I know it may be the easy way To get out of it but if you couldn't go to a teacher or anyone and they just keep bullying and harassing, you wouldn't want to bully back And try to handle it yourself, that would just cause more problems then there should be, eventually there will be a way people could help stop it.

@R5Fam15jlp: I'd tell someone important! Like not the teachers who do nothing but maybe go to the law, I know it seems like that's going extreme but The police would be the most likely to take it very seriously and to help out the most.

Hope You Guys Enjoyed Our Answers ! Comment Questions Below That You Would Like Our Opinion On!

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