Thursday, July 25, 2013

Dan Warp is Creating Another New Show for Nickelodeon!

A while back a fan tweeted Dan and asked him was he planning a new show besides Sam & Cat and he said yes! This was a month ago and i was very excited. 

This week Dan Retweeted a tweet that said: "I can't wait for DanWarp New Show"!

I'm getting really excited to see who are the stars of this new show and what it is about! 

Maybe this show can become the next Zoey 101 know that when Drake & Josh was airing so was Zoey 101! It'll be nice to have another hit show airing while Sam & Cat is airing! 

1 comment:

  1. OMG he's making another new show YESS!!!!!, but the question is who the star and whats the show about
    i have a few oppinons on who will be the star in the show

    1. Noah Munck as Gibby in the Gibby Spinoff
    2. Cameron Ocasio as Dice or another character
    3. Ciara Bravo (from Big Time Rush)
    4. Kel Mitchell (his upcoming appearance on Sam & cat)