Saturday, July 6, 2013

Liv & Maddie "Twin-A-Rooney" Premiering July 19, 2013 !

Liv & Maddie is a new Disney Channel show that premieres July 19th but premieres full-time this fall !

Episode 1 Plot: When Liv Rooney finishes the final season of her smash tv series "Sing it Loud!" in Hollywood, she returns home to reunite with her family in Wisconsin. Her and twin sister Maddie Rooney are both excited to finally be reunited, however they haven't seen each other in a while and suddenly begin to have complications. Maddie has gotten some fame from being her school's basketball star, but this attention is taken away from her when her celebrity twin sister starts attending the same school as her.
Notes: This is the pilot episode of "Liv and Maddie".
Song(s) Featured: In this episode there is a scene with Liv performing on the stage of "Sing it Loud!", where she is seen singing a song. 

Watch The Promo:

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