Sunday, September 1, 2013

Ariana Grande’s Scary Ghost Experience!

Ariana is in the midst of a scary ghost experience! Here are all of Ariana’s recent Tweets:
Via: DisneyDreaming
The scariest thing in the world just happened to me omg @isaacboots @allisonkaye @jonescrow somebody wake up

I have to explain to u all what’s happening

So we went to 1 of the ‘most haunted’ cemeteries in the world tonight because we’re all messed up / stupid & wanted something scary 2 happen

And I took a photo of a tree outside the cemetery… Completely normal photo with nothing abnormal in it…

And then I took a photo of the same exact tree about a minute later and there are 2 shockingly obvious faces in it… Like… It’s so scary

I’m too scared to post the photo because like I’m actually really terrified you guys know how I am about this stuff I usually love all this

But I have a weird terrified superstition about posting the photo and I don’t want to share it with you all because its actually shocking…

But that’s not even the scariest part of the story….. So my mom told me a million times to delete it off my phone because she was scared..

But I of course kept it I don’t want to delete it because secretly I think it’s amazing and really cool… But here’s the scariest part…

So I was just asleep and was woken up by a text from NO NUMBER……… Like no number texted me… And I opened it and it was the photo….

I’m actually terrified I should’ve listened to @scooterbraun and not gone omgmgmmgg ok and now when I close my eyes I only see the faces omg

So that’s my ghost / demon experience this far hope u hear from me tomorrow / I don’t die night / if not it was nice knowing u bye

I wanna post this pic so bad it’s so good but mom said I can’t she doesn’t want anything to happen to u all just in case it’s haunted idk

Omg I just heard a noise and I yelled ‘no’ at it and I’m freezing cold and the air is off I’m gonna die its in the room w me I swear omg bye

But why 2 days before the album tho….. Like couldn’t the demon have come for me after?

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